Kijoma basic Telephone Monthly/Quarterly bill cost comparison calculator.

Enter the call records from your last BT or other phone bill
This will give you the total cost of calls to UK mobiles and landlines via Kijoma and Voipfone.
Form does not include 0845 , 0870 and international numbers. Click here to check specific numbers

Enter total whole minutes of calls to landlines (01/02 etc.):

Enter Total whole minutes of calls to UK Mobile numbers:

Landline total £0.00 inc - Mobile total £0.00 inc

Quarterly charge for regional/transferred number - £7.20 inc ( £2.40 per month)

Grand Total if this is a quarterly Bill £7.20 inc
Grand Total if this is a monthly Bill £2.40 inc

Compare this with the grand total of your existing BT line bill (including all charges). Remembering that caller ID and Voicemail are entirely free via Voipfone / Kijoma too